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My Work Experience
General Director of the St.Petersburg Centre for Interdisciplinary Neuroscience (2009-2018),;
University work experience in the field of philology and political science:
St. Petersburg Institute of External Economic Relations, Economics and Law (2002-2009), the faculty of International Relations;
St.Petersburg State University (1989-2006), the faculty of Philosophy, the faculty of International Relations,
And also the work as an English language teacher for:
Pepsi-Cola, Uniliver (1991-1995), Faculty of Philology at St. Petersburg State University (second higher education) (1995-2000), Siemens (1998-2006), and as a guide-interpreter for St. Petersburg Intourist Company.
Ph.D. in Political Science (St.Petersburg State University)
Honorary Director of CEDIMES-St.Petersburg (French International Institute CEDIMES),;
Cognitive neuroscience and ethical questions. Sociology of neuroscience. Australia in the Asia Pacific Region. Theory and methods of political analysis. Language and politics.
St.Petersburg Music Teacher Training College, Music teacher;
St.Petersburg State University, Department of Philology, English language teacher;
St.Petersburg State University, PhD in Political Science, Lecturer in Politics.

This book is intended for intermediate and advanced students who study the English language (2015). Part I describes English grammar and Part II contains exercises for practice. Part II has also some exercises for translation from Russian into English and examples of rendering grammatical peculiarities from English into Russian.

The contents of English Grammar and Exercises for Intermediate and Advanced students in PDF.

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This book is written for beginners who study English with a teacher (2014). It can also be used for self-study: in Part II a student can find the explanation in Russian. The book contains a Phonetic section, Spelling section, Grammar section, and the lists of new words for exercises in each section. The book can be used by the students of the pre-intermediate level to revise grammar rules.

The contents of English for Beginners in PDF.

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The English Language






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